Three Great Wedding Venues in Europe

Ideally a wedding is thought of as once in a lifetime event that leads the bride and the groom to live happily ever after. Each couple has their own preferences regarding wedding venues and other details that are involved in arranging such an event. After all, it is an occasion that should be all about the two of them, and should be unforgettable, full of excitement and an atmosphere of romance. Perhaps there is a particular familiar place that has special significance for the couple, and in that case it is quite natural that the couple may want to get married in that special location. But many couples may rather want to have their unforgettable celebration in the most unforgettable location possible. Here we will suggest three great choices for a wedding venue in Europe.

st regis florence

St Regis in Florence
Italy is probably high on most peoples’ list of romantic countries to get married in, and Florence in particular is regarded as a great choice in this regard. St Regis of Florence can be thought of an Italian palace as much as it is a luxury hotel. Their staff is very skilled and experienced in hosting weddings.

Dalhousie Castle in Edinburgh
Would not a castle be the perfect location for tying the knot with the prince or the princess of your dreams? The Dalhousie Castle is one of the best choices in Scotland if you are looking for a romantic castle that would function well as a wedding venue. This 13th century style castle is located very near the city of Edinburgh and it can definitely provide a unique setting for a wedding.

Château d’Esclimont
Another great option is Château d’Esclimont, which provides a very beautiful and romantic environment for weddings in the vicinity of Paris. Yes, Paris which is known as the City of Love. It would be hard to think of a more memorable setting for a wedding celebration.

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