Ski Holidays in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for many things. The largest cities such as Zurich, Bern, Geneva and Basel are definitely worth exploring, just as “seven wonders” and “seven natural wonders” of Switzerland. And it is almost compulsory for any self-respecting Switzerland tourist to bring back as souvenirs some of the famous Swiss products such as watches, chocolates, cheeses, and army knives. But for anyone with the slightest inclination for high speed action and winter sports, a trip to Switzerland would not be perfect without reserving a good chunk of time for skiing. In fact, if you are really serious about skiing, it might be good to just focus on the excellent skiing opportunities and reserve your next luxury ski holiday with Supertravel. There are many excellent ski resorts in Switzerland, and you will need to pick one that best fits your idea of a dream ski holiday. Below you can read more about four prominent ski resorts.

Klosters-Serneus is a mid-sized alpine village with about 4000 regular residents, and it is located about 1200 meters above the sea level. It is a good option if you want to enjoy a high quality ski resort that is not hit by the biggest waves of tourists, even while one can get there from Zürich within a reasonable time (less than 2 hours with a car, or a bit longer with a train). In addition to skiing, you may enjoy ice skating, curling, snowshoe trekking, horse riding, sleigh rides, tobogganing, and more.

St Mortiz has the reputation for being high class, elegant, stylish, and chic. Having hosted two Olympic Games, this place is not just valued by the skiing elite, but also very widely known. It has three skiing areas: Corvatsch, Corviglia, and Diavolezza. Beyond the skiing opportunities, the scenery, the shopping opportunities, and the art galleries are some of the impressive features of this ski resort.

Verbier is yet another popular holiday destination among skiers. This resort is located about 1.5 kilometers above the sea level and offers great facilities. There are great restaurants and bars in this village that has a permanent population of about 2800 people. They can provide a good enhancement to the quality of one’s holiday experience, and they can make the visitor enjoy those hours when he is not on the slopes of Verbier.

The magnificent Matterhorn dominates the landscape of Zermatt. This almost 4.5 kilometers high mountain is among the highest peaks of the Alps. Given the height of the location, the season for skiing is longer than in some of the other resorts. Zermatt’s ski areas are located around 3800 meters above the sea level, and if one starts a run from Matterhorn Glacier Paradise to Zermatt Village, the length of the descent is unbelievable long (22 km). Zermatt village has more than 100 restaurants, and many of them are of extremely high quality.



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