Introducing Sofia

As the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia is a great place to visit. It offers a rich history and incredibly beautiful architecture. It is a place to experience a wonderfully diverse culture with a unique perspective on life. For the tourist, Sofia offers fine art, incredible cuisine and a wonderfully inviting atmosphere.

One of the first places to visit is the Sofia Art Gallery, a museum that represents the artistic history of Bulgaria. It is a beautiful building displaying unique paintings and sculptures by talented Bulgarian artists. It also offers several international samples as well. Ticket prices vary from individual to group tours.

Sofia also offers locations of historical sites to explore and learn. The famous Roman Rotunda, for instance, is an ancient red-bricked building that has been transformed into the St. George church. It is the oldest preserved structure still serving its original purpose in Sofia. The Doctor’s Garden is also a special place with a special meaning. A monument standing in the center lists the names of 531 Russian doctors and nurses who died during the Russo-Turkish War of 1877, which liberated Bulgaria from Ottoman rule. Sofia offers a number of sites just like these that show how timeless Bulgaria is.

If you’re traveling with the family, you might want to visit the Sofia Zoo, which was founded in 1888 and exhibits some of the most exotic animals in the region. You can also visit the Circus Balkanski, which is Bulgaria’s world renowned circus. The troupe first began performing in 1981, and is now universally recognized for magnificent trapeze artists and incredible acrobatics.

Accommodations in Sofia are many and varied. There are five star hotels like the Berlin Park Vitosha, a beautifully crafted building with wonderful rooms. It also offers a spa to relax in and conference rooms to conduct business. For more cozy environments, you can stay in places like the Allegra Hostel or Crosspoint Sofia Hostel. These are great for warm, romantic getaways with your significant other. There are also apartments to rent if you’re expecting to stay for a longer period of time.

If nothing else, come and enjoy the fine Bulgarian cuisine. There are many restaurants throughout the city that offer a pleasant ambiance and friendly staff. Restaurants like Chepishev are incredibly popular among both locals and tourists for its authentic and flavorful Bulgarian food set in a traditional environment. Other restaurants like SkaraBar 1 are beautifully presented, setting the mood for a perfect romantic evening with that special someone.

These are only a few places to visit in the city of Sofia. There are plenty of museums and beautifully crafted architecture to explore. There are also great places to take the whole family, If you’re by yourself, Sofia has an incredible nightlife with a plethora of bars and clubs to explore. The people here are wonderful, creating a pleasant and inviting atmosphere. You’ll be amazed when you visit this city and see all the rich and spectacular history. So, come visit Sofia, and enjoy a new experience.

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