Explore the Exciting Island of Corsica

The Island of Corsica is part of France, and is actually located between France and Italy. Thus, it is uniquely affected by both. Its culture is made up of both Italian and French influences that are intertwined to make something quite unique. The island is known for having stunning beaches and beautiful natural regions spread out across it.

bay of calvi corsica

The Bay of Calvi in Corsica

La Balagna is a section with the most beautiful hills and valleys filled with olives, vines, fruit and citrus trees. Scattered through the valleys are flocks of sheep that produce the milk for the islands Roquefort and other local cheeses. You can also see cattle and other animals ranging freely as they feed on the regions wild grasses and herbs.

Saint Florent is a small fishing port with wonderful beaches to explore. During the high season you can even take the ferry to the beaches of the Desert des Agriates.

One of the more scenic drives on the Island of Corsica is Cap Corse. It can be slow and treacherous due to the winding roads, but it offers majestic scenery of both beautiful mountains and the inviting ocean.

You can also visit the once capital of the island, Corte, which is where you will find Corsica University. This historical town has houses that are up to five stories tall, and has access to places like the Tavignano Valley which can only be reached by foot.

Then, there is the Niol, which is the mountainous heart of the island. It has a fertile basin that is about 2,700 feet above sea level that is encircled tall mountains like Monte Cinto, which stands 8,800 feet tall. Until late into the 20th century the Niol was completely isolated from the rest of the island. Now a path has been opened to allow access to this stunning work of Nature.

The West Coast offers stunning scenery of red granite cliffs that hang dramatically over the lapping ocean waves. The beaches below are almost completely inaccessible, but if you can reach them, you’ll be in for a private treat of majestic beauty like no other place on the island.

These are just a few of the wonderful places The Island of Corsica has to offer. There is so much to explore that you will never want to leave. So come visit the Island of Cosica and see the beauty that France has to offer.

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