The Greek Island of Santorini

Santorini is a Greek island with a vast history. It has also undergone drastic geographical changes that have made it uniquely distinct from the rest of Europe. The island is known by many names, including Thera and Thira. Each year, visitors come from all over the world to experience this particular Greek island. Some of these visitors use Santorini vacation rentals while others prefer hotel accommodation.

The island’s mountains reach up to 300 meters, giving you a breathtaking view. It is known for beautiful sunsets that make it a special place for those on romantic holidays. Most interesting is the landscape itself, which has been formed by countless volcanic eruptions that have occurred over the centuries. Santorini is definitely a unique place to visit.

Many historians believe that one of these eruptions could have been the great Minoan eruption, which is said to have caused the fall of the entire Greek civilization. It is also said to have caused the island to split in half, encouraging both geologists and historians to conduct research here.

The island is also known for its stunning architecture that has developed over many centuries. The houses are all uniquely designed, each something new to be inspired by.

oia in santorini

Oia is probably the oldest settlement of Santorini

Another fascinating fact is that Santorini is one of the few places in Europe with a desert. Despite this, there are vines that have prospered over the years. They are planted far apart from each other and survive on the morning dew.

Satorini is a completely different environment, modified by volcanic eruptions and enriched by culture. It truly is a great place to visit.

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