Traveling With Heavy Items – the Challenges and Solutions

Planning a trip to Eastern or Western Europe can be complex, and you need all the help you can get. Maybe the experiences of a reader will be of interest to you. The following is what he tells us of his experiences.

On my first trip to Ukraine I wanted to take a large electronic keyboard with me. Easy, I thought, just take it as extra baggage. I soon found that it was not so simple! To take advantage of budget airline prices I would have had to buy an extra passenger seat for the keyboard. Believe it or not, the airline would not accept it as checked baggage! So my options were to travel with an expensive airline, buy an extra seat on the budget airline, or travel by coach or train instead, a journey of some 3 days.

I wish at the time I had known about courier comparison sites such as Anyvan. It would have made my life much easier. On this site I could have found a reliable, inexpensive courier to collect the keyboard and transport it to my final destination, to arrive at my apartment door the day after I arrived. Using such a website takes the guesswork out of choosing a courier, because you have access to the experiences of others. It is the only way to get independent advice, and you might even pick up some good travel tips.

As it was, I had to carry this bulky, heavy item through endless coach and train stations and airports, making the whole trip a bit of a nightmare. Not to mention the problem of getting it through customs. Although the custom officers spoke a little English, and I knew a little Russian, it was not easy to explain why I was carrying this thing. With a courier service all this is taken care of by the courier.

My tip for a trouble-free journey then, is to send any bulky or heavy luggage by courier. This way you avoid check-in problems at the airport, worry about lost luggage and overweight charges, baggage reclaim delays and best of all you can travel light with just the items you need for immediate use. For me this is travel makes travel much better!

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