Plaka District of Athens

The Greeks are known to have one of the oldest civilizations in history. Athens, being the most popular of its cities, played a major part in the establishment of the rich cultural and religious foundations of Greek existence. Among its districts which stood witness to the realization of epic milestones in the Greek timeline is the beautiful village of Plaka. The atmosphere in this almost placid whistle-stop is a perfect blend of the sullen and dense archaic vibe and the cheerful and feisty modish aura. Being one of the favorite neighborhoods in Athens, Plaka has been a most-loved hot spot for tourists and people from the nearby districts alike.

With a tinge of commercialization, some may say that Plaka is not as wonderful as it used to be. But many would beg to disagree. Not only has it developed the village into a fab site for trend chaser tourists to visit, it also gave room for improvement in the culinary and accommodation aspects of the district. Ever since the ‘commercialization’ began, the entire village has become more tourist-friendly. Restaurants, tourist shops, cafes, jewelry stores, galleries, and museums became better and more interesting.

For art freaks, the Kydatheneon street will be a perfect stroll. If you are one of those who love to shop more than anything else, paying the Adrianou street a visit should definitely be in your Athens vacation to-do list. And if you are there to study landscapes and wonderful architecture, you must save an afternoon to visit the Anafiotika island village.

If you plan to visit Athens, choosing a Hotel within Plaka is highly recommended. As it is a small island that lies in the very heart of the city of Athens, you can walk to all the interesting destinations within the central parts of the city from there. Aside from being able to avoid the aggravating infamous traffic situation in Athens, you also get to experience and appreciate the exquisite architecture while walking along the back streets of the city.

There are a million reasons to visit Greece – Athens, in particular. And even if you plan to stay someplace else, you should definitely book at least a day to experience the wonderful village of Plaka.

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