Petit Palais in Paris, France

Petit Palais (small palace) was originally built in 1900 for the Universal Exhibition. It began to function as a museum in 1902. In its appearance, Petit Palais is quite similar to the Grand Palais des Champs-Elysées that is located nearby. Nowadays, the City of Paris Museum of Fine Arts (Musée des Beaux-Arts de la Ville de Paris) is located in the Petit Palais.

The exhibits in Petit Palais include paintings from medieval and renaissance periods, drawings, 18th century furniture, sculptures, etc. The museum has paintings from such famous painters as Rubens, Rembrandt, Poussin, Monet, Pissarro, and many others.

petit palais

Petit Palais was originally built for the 1900 Universal Exhibition.

Opening hours are from 10am to 6pm, except on mondays and during public holidays. The permanent collections of the museum are available for viewers free of charge. There is an admission fee for seeing the temporary exhibitions.

For more information, see Le Petit Palais

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Buckingham Palace in London

The Buckingham Palace is is located in Westminster, London. The palace is only a short distance away from many other interesting places in London, such as Big Ben, Houses of Parliament, Piccadilly Circus, The Thames, etc. Therefore, it is a good place to start from when one wants to do some sightseeing in London while moving by foot. The Buckingham Palace is the resicency of the Queen of England, as well as the administrative headquarter of the British Monarchy, and a setting for state occasions and royal hospitality. The core of the current building was originally known as Buckingham House.

Buckingham Palace is a popular tourist attraction that draws many visitors every year

The Annual Summer Opening that lasts from late July to September. At this time, the State Rooms of the Palace are open to visitors. These rooms contain some of the greatest paintings by Rembrandt, Rubnes, Poussin, Vermeer, and others, as well as sculpture, porcelain and fine furniture. Another spot that may be of interest is the Buckingham Palace Garden which is the largest private Garden in London.

Doors of Buckingham Palace garden

Online Resources
Buckingham Palace (the official website of the British Monarchy)
Interactive Panorama of Buckingham Palace

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